Just How Ass-y Do I Feel?

pretty darn. could be worse, but up until 3 days ago i was all cocky like “this pregnancy thing isn’t so bad. i don’t know why everyone complains so much…” i think i get it now. i’m not throwing up or passing out or drained of energy and stuck on the couch. i’ve been working without much difficulty, even running regularly (although slowly and with much mental and physical resistance).

but i feel like i have the flu or an awful hangover all the time. nothing sounds good. things i was craving last week (deli salads, pickles) i can’t even look at now without retching. everything smells bad. all a variance on the feces theme. but i’ve found that as long as i keep my blood cracker level (BCL) pretty high, and think about deserts and rock formation and other totally dry, non-food like things, i do ok. i also chew gum or drink mint tea all day long. off of coffee, which wasn’t nearly as painful as i was afraid it would be.

my reserves were tested twice today and i survived both times. once when that “death smell” robb kept noting coming from the kitchen turned out to be a bag of rancid potatoes that i carried, dripping toxic juice, across the floor to the trash, and the second time when the foul matter inside a patient’s belly button so revolted a nurse that she threw the prep stuff at me and made me clean it out.

on that charming note, i’ll sign off for now. thanks for enduring my life with me. 🙂

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