Get the Scientists Working on It.

sarah is 8 weeks pregnant. which means she’s nauseous all the time, and she can’t predict what will smell or taste good to her. more than once she has flown off the handle about things i can’t even smell. (and i swear it doesn’t offend me when she asks me to brush my teeth.)

and i have to wait another month to tell people about it. i mean our friends, my co-workers, our bible study group. people. i’m a little impatient, too.

so i think we need to get the top scientists working on a way to truncate pregnancy to six weeks. from conception to birth, let’s make it as short as necessary. i mean, we need some time to start and finish a couple projects around the house. we need to rake in some loot via baby showers. everyone does. but it’s making me nuts that it’s making her nuts that we have to wait for nine months.

(at this point it’s probably time to cue the laughter from people who’ve already had children. no doubt they recommend we enjoy our childfree days as long as we can.)

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