And the Ultrasound Reveals….

an alien sea monkey! with a heart beat!

things are progressing well. we got our official prenatal info and lecture from the OB. he’s pretty cool and laid back about everything. he did say that i cannot exceed 150bpm heart rate while working out, which (since i’m only kinda sorta conditioned) means almost no real jogging for me since i hit 160 when hardly pushing at all. i might need to change my workout music from fergie to yanni.

and i got all my food restrictions and such….which just made me hungry, so we went out to a VERY FANCY dinner at opus one in downtown detroit. it was delicious and a good way to celebrate our new parasite.

i’ve been feeling pretty rough the last few days. lemon drops are my lifesavers. i suck on 2-3 at a time. they don’t last long enough to cover me through a whole case, so please be on the lookout for ever-lasting gobstopper type sour candy. smells are still the worse. an awful skunk smell woke me up last night (but in my stupor i thought it was garlic. and, of course, blamed robb) and i couldn’t go back to sleep…i more or less fled the house this morning to get away from it.

sigh. in theory this nausea will all end in a matter of weeks. (but how many hours is that from NOW? (whine)).

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