The Oven’s Too Hot- Don’t Cook the Baby!

so i’ve had a fever for the last few days w/ some aches and pains and some GI issues. no big deal, right? i’m sure it’s just viral and will pass on its own. buuuuttt…when there’s a wee little fetus dependent on a healthy, stable environment, one has to worry. so i called my OB and his rule was that if, after tylenol, my temp didn’t go below 101.5, i should call him back. which it didn’t, and i did. and he told me to go to the hospital. i did and of course there was nothing to find. but it was reassuring to see heart beat on ultrasound and be told that i was fine.

so that’s my excitement. i feel better this morning, other than a little headache. the last tylenol i took was 5 hrs ago and i’m neither sweating to the furniture or freezing and shaking violently. so that’s good! don’t cook the baby!

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