The Fallout

well, i’m just about tired of feeling sorry for myself and tearing up when sad miley cyrus songs come on the radio (how embarrassing is that?). and i’m tired of being over-sensitive when people say stupid shit about me being without child. eventually people will feel less awkward about the whole thing and dumb things will spill out less trippingly from their tongues…and i’ll be less raw and all will be better. i hope.

but for now, robb and i are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary with grateful hearts. we’re glad to be healthy and very thankful for our closeness as we pulled together to get through these hard times. we celebrated with our families this weekend, enjoying art and food and wine in downtown GR. and tonight we went downtown detroit for some tasty, casual french fare. the traditional gift for the 7th wedding anniversary is wool….so we bought long underwear and socks that we used this weekend at the michigan/michigan state game (hail green victors!).

and we’re hopeful for our future baby making. we were waiting with much anticipation for my cycle to start back so that we would know my lady parts were back to working. and last week the damn dam broke and it looks like things are back in working order! robb mused one day after i’d yelled at him over something undoubtedly stupid that he’s never been so happy to see me PMS’ing. (wait- there was another time that he was happy about it?). for the first time since we were young and stupid, ‘aunt flow’ was a hero instead of a hassle.

so there you go. the (extremely intimate) details of our lives. 🙂

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