But I Want to Eat Ice Cream and Pickles All the Time…That’s Not a Sign!

once again, i must be either prego or crazy, (don’t say both) because all the signs seem to point to ‘yes.’ all except for, you know, the pregnancy test, which decidedly says ‘no.’ but between werewolf sense of smell, sore mammaries, and nausea, it must be one of the following: 1) i have a mean stomach flu coupled with PMS, 2) i’m in the family way, or 3) i am losing my mind and all symptoms are psychosomatic hallucinations. there are three very different treatments for each of those diagnoses, so i will wait patiently for it to play out to know how to proceed. right. patiently. for sure. i’ll get right on that. 🙂 sheesh.

(and i really do want ice cream).

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