A Bit of Light Reading

so i’ve had the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH since last spring and have barely cracked it. it looked like a lot of charts and effort. but with my feeling out of control over ‘this whole baby thing’ i decided that this is my BEST way to regain control. it worked when i was in PA school and it works when things get really crazy in other parts of my life. write lists! organize my calendar! do some research on the problem and figure out how to fix it!

so i’ve been tracking my temperatures every morning to see when my “thermal shift” happens, which indicates ovulation is about to occur. fascinating that our basal body temp dips and then spikes like that based on our hormones. and i had no idea! what else is happening in my body i’m not aware of? am i secretly growing antlers or horns somewhere? am i cobbling shoes at night while i sleep? will have to get nanny cam to confirm.

this book is pretty cool because it’s very straightforward and seems to be based on genuine science, but is written for laymen. it covers everything about birth control and conception achievement you can think of. i’m ok with the temp taking so far, but haven’t quite been ready to start evaluating my cervical fluid yet (described as “sticky like rubber cement, creamy like lotion, or slippery like eggwhite” among others). gehk. nor have i, God in heaven and all that is holy, started trying to see my cervix with a mirror.

and because i’m still a fifth grader in many ways, i keep giggling over things like:

**”occasionally you may only have a watery cervical fluid that is either completely clear or the consistency and look of nonfat milk.” (ewww. good thing i’m going vegan).

**”Laptop computers have become implicated as a potential cause of overly heated testes.” (AHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

**”Timing Intercourse for a Boy (or Girl)” (could this be the answer China has been looking for?)

so, the whole thing is kind of fascinating. maybe the pursuit will distract me from our lack of success to date. and maybe this crazy system will actually work. hmmm…

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