Donuts Wouldn’t Do This To Me

day 13 of a very mild period…hmmm….GYN not concerned and here’s my two-bit hypothesis as to how i brought this on myself:

1. i took 3 days of baby aspirin last week. a friend who is running the same disney world half marathon that i am in a few wks recently read an article about why healthy runners die during races. one of the theories is that tiny muscle by-products are thrombosing while we run, and then embolize and lodge in the lung/coronary vessels. so an 81mg aspirin a day while training can help take down inflammation and reduce platelet aggregation and decrease the risk of these incidents….so i took a couple days of it until i realized i was on the never ending period and then i stopped.

2. also, i made a very dramatic diet change recently. 3 wks ago we went vegan, soy free and gluten free in a performance enhancing diet as we prepare for the race. and we’ve have been getting our amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars from fresh veggies and fruits as well as weird new stuff like TONS of flax seed, hemp seed and lots of beans and nuts. some of this stuff has anticoagulation properties in them…like a lot of the fruit and sea vegetables, vinegars and spices like curry, cayenne, cinnamon and oregano . these are all salycilates like aspirin. another common natural way to avoid blood clotting is with omega 3’s and we’ve been getting a lot of it with garlic, onion, and flax, among others.

so… i think i brought this on myself and i’m not gonna worry about it too much yet. my MD ran all my labs, which were normal and, while i was there, he and i talked fertility stuff and we came up with a game plan- to begin after this wacky diet and the half marathon are done.

so that’s what’s new in my uterus.

my sister went to the play “the vagina monologues” this weekend. i’m considering writing the sequal “the uterus monologues” about us women folk who are attempting to make use of that organ. whatcha think?

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