Not Just a Barry Manilow Song…(although I am a Fanilow)

so i’ve recently made a fantastic and very hilarious friend named Mandy. she is also working on ‘this baby thing’ and, despite the frustration and pain she has experienced, attempts to find humor in the crazy situations in which she finds herself. i am angling for her to post here as a guest blogger.

but for now, she has agreed that i can use the following comments on her trip to Disney World. she knows that i am leaving for Disney at the end of the week and she had some advice for me:

“I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one that has considered stealing a child… let me warn you, going to Disney may not be the best idea! When I was there earlier this month, my friend and I thought about sending pictures of random kids to (my husband) with our phones and asking which he preferred. AND we started scoping out the parents with the “largest BMI” since they would have a hard time catching us if we did try to run while carrying a 4-year old! Pathetic, I know… but kinda funny! Maybe? In a sick and twisted kind of way!”

like i said…she’s witty and funny. and rather resourceful. 🙂 and for the record, we are not actually serious about scoping out and stealing children. that is a very real and serious crime which we do not condone.

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