Over the Hump without a Bump

well, i survived my would-be due date (march 8). being surrounded by my robb and my parents and sister and grandparents was wonderful. and that we were in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World certainly helped. robb and i ran a half marathon on sunday that went really well- and i was really glad i could fully use my body to accomplish this.

and even though there were children and pregnant women everywhere, it was not all that painful to be around…the average child at Disney has been dragged through 7 hrs of waiting lines and has face paint streaming down his face, a popped balloon tied to him and dragging behind, cotton candy/popcorn/lemonade residue an inch thick on both hands and is screaming at the top of his lungs something about “Goofy….Buzz…NOT GET TO….WANT MORE….NEEEEEEMOOOOOO”

so, yea, i was feeling pretty good about drinking margaritas and enjoying adult conversation. and no one in my party was too afraid to go on the haunted mansion ride.

i’m just saying. there are some perks.


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