my grandpa went through major surgery this weekend and is doing fine, but i’m feeling like i’d really like to be there with him, but instead i’m stuck here, working ON THE FLOOR (always stressful and hectic and horrible). plus i’m getting ready for out-of-town guests. so i’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally raw, but then i just finished my progesterone dose (SO HUNGRY! SO GROUCHY!), had my period (woo) and started clomid today. feeling a little nauseous tonight (could be the 37 york peppermint patties i ate for dinner) but otherwise ok so far.

i think it’s both good and bad that “this whole fertility thing” is being pushed back behind my other crises right now. on one hand, i’m focused on other issues, on the other hand, i’m stressing out, which can’t be good for my lady junk.

this should be a soothing, zen-like time for my ovaries and uterus and instead, i feel like everything is being squeezed into my throat with nerves.

i am playing both parts in the below scene. my brilliant robb found this and i think it perfectly describes my current state(s).


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