Is There Anything Better Than Tartar Sauce? I Think Not.

8 wks along and feeling great!

still eating everything in sight and, unlike last time when i womited daily, NO NAUSEA!! which is wonderful. means i’m putting on some weight- haven’t checked how much, but can see it in how my pants (don’t) fit. when a concerned person asked yesterday if i was already getting fat, i said, “yea, but not baby fat yet. just regular fat.” i won’t have a baby bump for another 6-8 wks probably. cravings? fish sandwiches. mcdonald’s, wendy’s, burger king…not picky. WANT THEM ALL. robb has the mcdonald’s fish fillet song as a ring tone, so i blame him. i’m trying to limit myself to once a week so i don’t get mercury or fried breading toxicity.

also no spotting to date, which is also different than last time. i was reassured then that it’s nothing other than placental implantation, but it’s nice not to have to worry about that. and last time seemed to just crawl by, but these weeks have flown!

and i’m keeping my worries to a dull roar. (high five, self!). things are peachy and i am so THANKFUL.

t-minus 13 days until first ultrasound!

please enjoy a current picture of our baby (as i picture it in my head).

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