But Some People Can Be So Kind

most people i know seem to have forgotten my recent loss or are retiscent to bring it up. i understand why. it’s sad and unpleasant and awkward to know what to say. every day at work i’m party to many happy conversations among and about pregnant women and few recognize that i was recently one of them.

but yesterday, we were scrubbed and starting a case and the doctor started cracking jokes about the scrub tech, who is 12 wks pregnant right now (and due within a few days of my due date). before she responded, she grabbed my hand and asked, “are you ok if we talk about this? because we can change the subject. i know it must be hard.”

it was such a relief, i almost cried. and since she’d addressed it, the conversation didn’t bother me as much after that. i will always remember that she was so thoughtful.

sometimes it just takes that.

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