Fertility Miracles in Geriatrics

so, i know i’ve been bemoaning the fact that i’m almost 30 and all my little eggs have hatched and my fertility chances are going down every year, nay, every moment!! but….in the news we are hearing all the time about 40-50 year old women getting pregnant. at conception, we have kelly preson (47), holly hunter (47), susan sarandon (46), beverly d’angelo (49), geena davis (48), etc, etc.

you have to presume that they used fertility help, but still. miracle, right!?

but can it ever be pushed too far? what’s the age upper limit that’s acceptable? an article today discusses a case in india of a 66 y/o mother of preemie triplets after IVF (a donor egg and her 70 y/o hubbie’s sperm). her doc sees nothing wrong with it and has successfully impregnated a 70 y/o woman with the same method. so we’re looking at the risks for mom and babe at that stage in life and the projected life span of the parents (63.7 in india), among other issues.

here is the article. it’s very interesting. read and post comments to discuss.

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