My Genes Make My Butt Look Great

well, i got a clean bill of health from my blood test campaign for post-miscarriages, shall-we-or-shan’t-we attempt another pregnancy probing thing.

my genes were pretty clean, except that on a few of my little chromosomes, instead of having a normal XY, i had dropped or added X’s. they said this was typical for someone of my age. my vintage. my stage of decrepitude. they said all that. or, if they didn’t say it, they certainly were thinking it. 🙂 but not to worry from that aspect. i have no higher miscarriage risk because of my particular DNA. so that’s good.

also, i requested i get tested for clotting disorders and some connective tissue disorders and all that stuff came back negative, too. so that’s also good.

it appears that there is nothing concrete that has caused these past miscarriages and no reason to assume there will be a high risk of having more of them.

so there’s relief in this. doesn’t mean i’m ready to get back up on that pogo stick yet, but there is relief. 🙂

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