Left Behind

i spent all weekend with my wonderful family and we had a glorious time. playing in rivers and lakes and hiking and eating and gallivanting around northern michigan. i especially liked the gallivanting and the eating.

between all my cousins’ kids there were 6 kids between the ages of 1 and 9 and we had a ball with them. all very sweet, fun, and gorgeous (this is my completely objective and unbiased take on my baby kin).

and bless those cousins who are out getting advanced degrees and waiting like me to start hatching so that i am not The only childless one. it is comforting that the next batch of youngins will be closer to my kids’ ages and i have to keep reminding myself of that…because i am feeling so far behind my already hatched cousins. they will have middle schoolers by the time my kids can talk! what the what!

it’s kind of a bummer because i grew up close (age, geographically, and socially) to my cousins on both sides of the fam and my kids won’t have the same experience with all their cousins. i guess we’ve all made different decisions/taken different paths and this is the natural consequence. ah well. i will have pre-ordered babysitters.

not too big a deal, just kind of bummed me out a little during my eating and gallivanting.

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