Another Month Wasted. No Baby for April, 2011.

that’s how i think. in numbers all the time.

day i’m on of my cycle (25). due date if got pregnant this cycle (april 6) . time passed since last pregnancy loss (2 months). time we’ve been trying to have a child (19 months). how old my first baby should be right now (5 months). turning 30 in october (28th). turning 30 in october (oh, shit).

so aware that through some fault of our own, we are going to be old parents by the time this actually happens. it will be 2 years trying in january. in just a few weeks it will be the 1 yr anniversary of the zombie eating my first baby.

and where am i today? salty taste from the clomid. day 25 and no ovulation this month.

broken and sad. that’s where i am.

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