The Interwebs Are Making Me Blue

so i can’t figure out my completely wackadoo cycle this month, so what do i do? i turn to the fertility forums on-line. big mistake. so much doom and gloom! a bunch of anxious, hormonal women with internet access! i’m sure there’s good info to be found, but there’s so much fear and crazy abbreviations to wade through.

for example, if i were to post my own personal woes story, i would say that i am…

Post 2 IUFD’s (5wk6d, 11wks) and POC’s resolved by Misoprostol. Before and since, have had multiple cycles with AO. Had BW done and APA, etc all neg. Used 50mg Clomid to conceive last time and got a BFP, so hopeful this time. I am C# 2 post MC and again used 50mg Clomid CD 3-7. Have been checking BBT, CM and OPK and having lots of BMS and it appears OV happened on CD 27. Can that be right? Now what?

isn’t that nuts? i totally need a translator open the whole time i’m reading them. grrrr.

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