TomKat Completely Ripped Off My Name

how are things going lately in the world of sarah/robb, you ask? (i wish we had a cool moniker like “sarb” or “robbah.” please commence using those).

things are pretty good. we’ve both been really turning to God lately and i’m finding some peace and even maybe some (gasp! what?) patience in Him.

(on kind of a side note, we went to a great conference today on homosexuality and the Christian church and the conflict betwixt them and it was wonderful- check out the organization, The Gay Christian Network, if you’re curious. like curious, curious, or just curious. either way). 🙂

i am typically loath to read the bible because i find it a) confusing, b) boring, and c) there’s some stuff in there that i don’t like and have trouble jiving that stuff with the God that i very much love..but i’ve been feeling compelled to get into it lately.

so my formal bible study is going through the book of genesis. i don’t remember exactly why we chose it, but it seemed like a good place to start. (i jest). no, actually, when we were reading hebrews last year, there were many references to genesis and although we feel we know the stories, none of us had actually ever read the whole book, so…here we are.

anyway….fertility issues are RAMPANT in this part of the bible. fascinating how much time is spent on the subject when, at the time it was written, women were muy non importante. and it’s not just like, “so-and-so failed to beget her husband a son, so she will be shamed/stoned now,” it’s actually compassionate and loving toward these women and their plights.

and some of their plights took so darn long!! i mean take sarah, my name sake (previously “sarai”…the name is also morphed sometimes into “suri,” ahem…), she and her husband, abraham had been trying to conceive for many, many years when God promised them that they would have a child. she was 65 y/o at that time. it took until she was 90 for this to come true. but it did! at 90! put all the issues aside of carrying and delivering a baby when you’re 90 years old and the fact that people lived until 200 at that time, etc, etc. what i most recognize from this is that SHE WAITED FRIGGIN’ 25 YEARS. but then they had their little isaac and all was (mostly, for a while anyway) well.

so, seriously…for us it’s been 19 months of trying. i can chillax a bit. 🙂

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