I Wrote This Today

the 33 miners who have been stuck 2300 feet underground in a small cave in chile for the past 3 wks and who were just informed this weekend that they MIGHT NOT GET OUT UNTIL CHRISTMAS TIME were described as “in good spirits.”

geez. brave, brave men, i applaud you.

and i pilfered from your tragedy and wrote this poem/song about my own (totally lame in comparison) current situation and blues:

I am 2000 feet under the ground
I will dig myself out
I can dig myself out

No one can rescue me from this heat, this dark, this fear, this sadness…
But I will dig myself out
I can dig myself out.

There is no magic answer
No pill, no simple solution
I have tried them all and failed.

And so…
And so…
What about my God?
My God, what about my God?
He broke my heart
And left me without.

But I’m tired of blaming and hating and waiting
and being buried in this shit

I will dig myself out, but I don’t know the way.
I’m begging for God to give me a light to follow.

I can dig myself out,
But I will only get lost or get buried again if I’m trying alone.

I can dig myself out.
No one need carry me, pull me or move me.
But I will follow His path
To get out of this pit.

I will dig myself out
I can dig myself out

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