Happy? Maybe so.

every time i need a good cry, i watch the movie “steel magnolias.” it is devastating. beautiful, sweet, funny, wonderful, but terribly sad. on average, i’d say that i watch it once a month. and have for about 10 yrs. i know every line.

and i’ve been wanting to get back on stage. a while back i auditioned for “annie” at a local theater and didn’t get in. so i’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for other opportunities.

i’ve also been discovering, in therapy, that i need to find happiness outside of the happenings in my ovaries/uterus/cycle. i have to have more to live for. horse back riding lessons was a good diversion for a while, as is writing in my blogs.

but on sunday i rather spontaneously went on another audition. this one was for “steel magnolias” the straight play (on which the movie is based- well, really, the movie is almost line-for-line out of the play). and i got a part! a great part! one of the leads! i am overjoyed. it’s a huge responsibility as the character is so vivid and dynamic and complicated. not to mention the 40 pages of script for which i have to memorize lines and blocking. but it feels so right. the character is going through things that only just this year i can relate to. i feel like, with some work, i can really understand her and make her real for people.

and i am so pleased. so excited. so challenged, stimulated. feeling like myself again a little with something huge and adventurous, scary, and wonderful to look forward to. and it has nothing to do with my luteinizing hormone. thank God. 🙂

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