Should I Be Scared? Can I Really Help It?

scary, disappointing morning. made an appt to visit my ob/gyn this morning really hoping for a heart beat to ease my mind, or at least some labs to make sure things are progressing along.


ultrasound showed no movement. this, of course, stopped my heart. but the tech and the MD both said i was so early (5 wks, 3 days) it’s likely the heart just hasn’t formed enough to show a decipherable beat yet…should in a few days if all is well. so he drew a beta hcg and then will draw another on tuesday to make sure it’s trending up appropriately.


i’m on call this weekend and for the first time ever am kind of hoping to get called in so that i can check my labs on the hospital online charting system.


it was hard to see ANOTHER still ultrasound. but i have symptoms, there’s no blood, and it is REAAAALLY early.


so i’m praying and begging that it’s just a matter of time and patience and all will be well.


please, God. let it all be well.

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