Keep Flipping, Little Flipper

so yesterday, i had an ultrasound. 6 wks 6 days. AND THERE WAS A HEARTBEAT!!!! and i measured exactly where i should for this far along.

i know i’m not at all out of the woods yet. but this bodes well! and i’m feeling nauseous all the time! it’s wonderful.

robb cried when we say that little flicker. 130 bpm of pure bliss. (that’s normal- they’re like humming birds when they first start out).

i’m overjoyed. relieved. excited. june 8th is my due date. amazing miracle. thank you, God.

keep gupping, little guppy.


  1. Anonymous

    Yippie!! I'm joining in your happy dance! I am so happy for your little flipper. I've been checking on the blog and praying that no news was good news. Praise God and God bless you and Rob along your journey. 🙂

    Anne M

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