How Am I Feeling?

this is the question i’m getting now 40 times a day since my cast at the theater (i’m doing a production of “steel magnolias” right now, have i mentioned that? i’m sure i have) and the whole OR now knows about my pregnancy. i had only told a few fellow PA’s and asked them to mum’s the word…and they did for a few weeks, miraculously, but now the word is out.

so…how am i feeling. pretty gross. (which is great!) i have thrown up twice. i seem to wretch every night when trying to brush my teeth and once it got the better of me. i had black eyes the next day from popping blood vessels. then yesterday as i was leaving work, the smell of the air freshener in my car twisted my insides and i ‘released’ the entire contents of a fruit salad into the parking lot next to my car.

but, thankfully, the nausea doesn’t bother me much when i’m concentrating hard on something, so during play rehearsals and while scrubbed in the OR, i’m ok so far. let’s hope that keeps up.

sleeping a lot. boobs still hurt. peeing all the time.

all these things together= awesome!! i’m relieved by the daily confirmation. thank you, God for my womiting. 🙂

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