These Smells, They Are a Trying to Kill Me

it doesn’t help that i work at a hospital. all day, every day the smells of poo and burning flesh fill the halls as a matter of fact. but i am smelling all of it in vivid, wide colorful odors. every nook and cranny has its own unique gross stink.

and the real world also offers its own pungent bouquet to my werewolf nose. there’s some smell in the crevices of my car that can only be described as ‘death.’ i’m getting it detail cleaned hopefully later this week- otherwise i might have to sell it/drive it off a mountain.

as with my first pregnancy, robb’s breath (which i usually find lovely- he is very careful about dental hygiene) has been repelling me. i feel like a total a-hole, but i cannot help it. i keep reassuring him that usually his chemistry and all his smells are wonderful to me, just not so much right now. poor guy.

again, the symptoms are reassuring, right?


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