Sufferin Suckatash

i have this amazing coworker. i mean, she’s really good at her job and she’s also a genuinely wonderful person. we’ve gotten to know each other over time and after my last miscarriage, she revealed some really personal, difficult parts of her history to me.

sadly, during her time trying to have children, she suffered several miscarriages and years of fertility treatments that did not work. happily, she has overcome this hardship and is the best aunt ever to some 15 nieces and nephews. she’s really proud of this role she has in their lives. i’m sure she’s an amazing constant for them. funny and fun and smart and brave. they’re very lucky to have her. also, her marriage survived all the loss and pain of that time of trying and they’re going strong after 20+ years. i salute her (them).

today, i shared with her the good news of my pregnancy and then, of course, told her how nervous i am and she hugged me and just said “enjoy your moment.”

huh. good point. as much as i wring my hands over how little control i have over everything, she’s right. immediately right now i feel happy and excited and wonderful (pukey and tired and bloated!). i’m gonna enjoy it, dagnammit.


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