Hear Me Roar

i can’t really burp. there, now the whole world knows my shameful secret. it’s been a fact for as long as i’ve known myself. i sort of do this weird little gurgly thing and some strange sound escapes from my mouth that people have said sounds like there’s a tiny man living deep in my gut that burps loud and this is the quiet echo that makes it to the surface.

it’s the best i can do.

and whoa mama, the little man has been in high gear lately. geez. i’m popping tums left and right to quell this indigestion. it seems like i get nauseous when i’m hungry and then feel ok while i’m eating and then get indigestion immediately after. it’s delightful. 🙂

but my energy seems better than it had been. i kept up with my girl relatives this weekend for shopping and eating and movie watching and stuff. it was great and i didn’t feel like i was going to fall over in exhaustion.

everyone is all excited about the pregnancy and everything. they even bought me some maternity clothes (which are WAY more comfy than simply unbuttoning my jeans and putting a cloth strap (‘belly band’) around my waste to cover my indiscretion). they’re also all asking about baby names. we’re not entirely decided, but this article i came across gave some interesting arguments about how to choose names and the social impact they have, etc.

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