Yeasty but Not Rising. (ewwww)

apparently one of the joys of pregnancy is the all the chemical changes that your body experiences both inside and out.

both myself and one of my pregnant coworkers have been inflicted with yeast infections in the last week. itchy, burny further proof that there is a bun in the oven. (have to stop making bread metaphors…unless…is anyone out there trying to avoid carbs right now? i could be helping.)

i would normally just have diagnosed it and treated it myself with over the counter monistat, but then i started fearing that i was having urinary tract issues, too, so i took myself to my ob/gyn to get swabbed and sampled. and it’s just a candida (yeast) infection. easy, cheap, quick treatment and all will be well.

and i got to hear the heartbeat again. 🙂 tra-la. i will never get tired of that sound.

this post tmi? nah. just wait. i foresee it will get much less tasteful and much more graphic as the months roll on. brace yourselves. 🙂


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