I Am Rip Van Winkle.

these days (pregnant days), when i fall asleep, it’s like falling down a dark, deep well. even if i just sleep for a few minutes, i wake up disoriented and dizzy and feeling like i’ve been hit by a truck. so i don’t take naps at all, as i know i’ll be just wasted the rest of the night…so if i’m bone tired, i just numbly watch tv for a few hrs to rejuvenate but dare not fall asleep.

if i get a decent night’s sleep, i wake up fine. it’s just getting interrupted that my body doesn’t seem to like.

the problem is, part of my job is taking overnight call. i have gotten my delightful coworkers to cover me a lot lately, but the one time i did get called in at 2am a while back i got so dizzy, i had to sit down and couldn’t finish what was left of the case. it’s scary and unpleasant. i wonder if there are any tricks to waking up quicker/better. hmmm….

otherwise, i think the day time fatigue is getting better. not putting on my dancing shoes just yet, but maybe my walking ones…

i said winkle.

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