It Ain’t Eazy Being Greazy.

there’s this coworker of mine who is drop dead gorgeous and some sort of medical marvel. she gained 65 lbs with her first pregnancy 2 yrs ago but had lost ALL OF IT by the time she got back from maternity leave 12 weeks later. she’s pregnant again now and is already at 50 some lbs gain but isn’t very worried about it because, again, she’s a freak of nature.

needless to say, i’m listening to every piece of advice she has on pregnancy. she told me today to get a strappy harnessy belly band thing to take pressure off of bladder when i’m a bigger giantess in a few months. will do. she also told me to lather up in cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks.

so i went to the store and loaded up and now…i am like a glazed dolphin.


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