But Where Do All the Pregnant Strippers Go?

so, let’s say you have a slightly above average sized girl who sports on a non-pregnant day around a size 36DD bra. let’s just say.

then she gets knocked up and her boobs gain ground…a lot of ground. like each one is the size of a small child or a rather large woodland creature.

so, before she accidentally drops one on someone and causes their death, she takes herself to the specialty brassiere shop and maternity stores at the local fancy mall.

there, much to her dismay, she finds that she is at the top of their freaking charts. the big BIG bras in the bottom drawers that, needless to say, only come in old lady colors and sizes, aren’t even really doing the job. their little wee straps just don’t look up to the task at hand. and there’s all kind of squish coming out the sides and bottoms that need not be there.

what we’re needing here for our young lady is a harness-type device. some sort of NASA engineered rope and pulley system with, maybe, a little lace.

but, really, it is rather frustrating and perplexing. because while this girl in my hypothetical example does have some knockers grandes, she has a normal BMI and isn’t officially any sort of giantess or anatomical freak. and she has not been augmented like so many out there have. so there HAVE to be women out there with bigger tats that need good support. WHERE DO THEY GO?

and, PS, our girl is not even half way done being pregnant! what will happen when they are completely ripe? shudder to think.

shudder to think.

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