Big Girl Panties

and BAM!

none of my clothes fit. like t-shirts that are usually roomy sleeper/workout t’s are now belly shirts. (i think they must have shrunk in the dryer).

we discussed the whole boob thing a few posts back, and i’ve gotten some nursing bras (each cup the size of my head) that are doing the job.

but the belly band over the old jeans thing just stopped working. and as i’ve already mentioned, my shirts look like wee little versions of their formal selves. so we’ve moved on to maternity clothes exclusively. i folded up all my regular wardrobe and packed it up in storage with a little twinge. i borrowed most of my new, extra large wardrobe from friends and i’ve bought some (surprisingly cute) maternity jeans to get me through.

but these changes, they are drastic. or they feel that way. my balance is changing. i get short of breath. it’s really goofy feeling.



  1. Beth S

    Yeah, I just had to buy underwear ANOTHER size bigger. They're giant Pee-Wee's Playhouse underwear. I'm not packing up my regular wardrobe (there's no place to put that much stuff except my big walk-in closet), so I'm just looking at it longingly.

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