It’s Official!

so you remember back around Thanksgiving when i described the horrible heart break of some friends of ours who were in the process of adopting, had been matched with birth parents, had actually met the little boy and then the birth parents changed their (teenage idiot) minds?

well, we are still praying that there is a happy, healthy ending for that little guy and his family.

but we are REJOICING as our friends now officially, legally, and permanently have a beautiful amazing and healthy little girl. she is adorable, makes the cutest little pig noises, and is giving them a run for their money (as any good new baby will do).

it’s so exciting watching them figure things out. they seem so natural and calm and grown up about the whole thing. i’ve been very impressed. and extremely glad they went first. now, i will have recent and nearby experts to seek advice on what to do/not to do with our newborn. they are doing a great job of keeping their cool despite no sleep and complete about face change of life. it’s amazing. they seem to genuinely be enjoying themselves and it’s such a wonderful thing to see. thanks to God.

a lot.


  1. Bobrovetski's

    awww… love you! and we've made sure that Addison is keeping a journal to pass on to your little one to make sure you get all the joyful experiences of a newborn! 😉

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