Snotty No Sleepy Fat Guy in a Little Coat

can feel baby movement under these simple circumstances: 1) lying on my left side 2) having just eaten a large piece of cake (preferably chocolate) 3) full bladder (no problem) and 4) improved if robb’s laying a big man paw on my belly…i think this has to do with smushing the uterus and reducing the baby’s swimming hole size, so he/she kicks back, clearly perturbed.

this weekend i was in the wedding of a good friend of mine. it was great and i was only too happy to stand up with her and her lovely bridegroom…even at nearly 6 months pregnant. it’s just that i’d forgotten that all her other friends are little wee mini people. i was the miss piggy to their kermit, the giant kardashian who ate the other two sisters, the drag queen that tried to slip in with the other next top model contestants. as much as people reassured me that my dress did not fit like sausage casing, i regret that it did. i wanted mustard. it can’t be helped. 🙂

and then yesterday morning (fortunately after the wedding festivities were over), i woke up all snotty and sneezy and coughy and all other sorts of unpleasant dwarves. i think it’s just sinuses/ a cold, but it sucks. it meant that i didn’t sleep much last night because every time i swallowed, my throat burned and it kind of woke me up. in retrospect, should have just drooled. PLUS i haven’t been sleeping lately much anyway because i’m trying to force myself to sleep on my left side when i’m normally a belly sleeper. PLUS a skunk unleashed its nasty somewhere in the neighborhood last night and i kept smelling it in my sleep. PLUS i wake up no less than 4 times a night to pee anyway.

growl. needless to say, i am cutting myself off of liquids at 8pm tonight (like a little kid), going to bed early with some tylenol PM on board and a rifle next to my bed in case that bastard skunk shows up again.



  1. Beth

    I understand!! I get up at least 4 times per night too, usually more. I have been a belly sleeper all my conscious life, and unfortunately, my hips hurt really bad after laying on either one for about an hour. And I have frequent nightmares. Sleepy time is not the best part of my day.

  2. Michelle

    the joys of pregnancy! and the lack of meds one can take one pregnant. I remember cheerishing my Nyquil when I got sick after Dex was born. I was like "where have you been, dear friend?!"

  3. Brianne

    Hahaaa! Okay, it's so not funny. You'll never get sleep again, starting…now. Well, maybe when the kid's two. Totally joking. 🙂

    Hope your cold goes away soon, bad enough while preggers anyway!

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