Waiting to Meet One of the Loves of Your Life

i keep reflecting on the fact that in a few short months i’m going to meet one of the people who will matter to me most and most effect my life. it’s bizarre, because prior to this whole acquiring a baby thing, the people who are most important to me i was either born to or selected through marriage. and then i have a few friends here and there whom i would consider kindred spirits/family. either way, it’s been a while since i’ve added a most precious to my collection.

and as far as i understand it, either through pregnancy or adoption, no matter how long the wait to meet this little person, as soon as they’re out and they’re with you, they become one of those you can’t live without, can’t imagine what life was life before their existence.

it’s just interesting.

and a whole new life has so much unknown potential. kid could be president in 2060 or could be the most rotten ruthless bank robber of all time. could be an accountant. or could be a trapeze artist. could create a new underwater world where dolphins and humans live in harmony (i’m banking on that one).

it’s just wild that this tiny 1 lb fluttering little bug in my belly will be a person soon. in the next couple decades we will see how this person’s life unfolds and how they matter on this planet.

it’s just wild.


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