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i smiled during my whole OB visit yesterday. i never really thought i’d make it far enough to need a glucose tolerance test. 25 weeks! that’s a big deal. feels like a major milestone. it’s almost, kinda, sorta a real kid in there. 🙂 heart beat was a little hard to find on doppler, but that was only because baby was doing cartwheels after the sugary drink i consumed (tasted like melted orange flavored Fla-Vor-Ice…remember those?) and wouldn’t hold still long enough to get a reading- finally did, but took some chasing around my abdomen. we laughed since i could feel movement and we could hear the movement- like baby olympics in my pelvis. again, he found everything “perfect and normal.”

EXCEPT that i failed my freaking test. which isn’t really a big deal. it just means that now i have to do a 3 hr version of it where i drink the gunk, and get my blood tested hourly for 3 hrs, making sure my blood glucose level is adequately down by the end of the 3 hours. not a problem. will do it next week at the local hospital where i’ll be delivering. will watch movies on my laptop and just relax.

BUT today i felt like a big fat slob all day. if i’d been eating better, more active would this not have happened? if i had the fit, tiny pregnancy of some of my peers, would i have been alright? i keep getting reassured by very healthy people that a non-fasting initial 1 hour test is often high, but does not mean you won’t pass the 3 hr test or that we’re actually looking at a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. let’s hope that’s true.

anyway…been feeling down today. feeling like i look a lot like this:


  1. James

    Oh my gosh your so silly. You're probably a shiny, sparkly glow momma right now. This weight is a badge of honor. You're creating a life!!

    Love you!
    Kristen Kay

  2. Michelle

    just keep thinking, that little baby will be here, u will be so excited u won't have time to think about how u look, and THEN, a few days after, you will notice yourself shrinking!! Then u will start feeling like yourself again, and feel pretty damn good for a year…and then be like "damn, i still have like 10 pounds left"…lol

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