Random Thoughts and Happenings

we went to this vegetarian convention thing yesterday and i was standing in line waiting for some vegan pastry or other and i overheard the two women behind me saying, “look how huge she is! she HAS to be carrying more than one in there. and she hasn’t even dropped yet, so she still has a while to go. oh my gosh, etc, etc.” well, naturally, i assumed they were talking about my fat ass until i started looking around and saw this woman who had clearly confiscated a beach ball and tucked it up just under her chin. it was the most amazing pregnant belly i’ve ever encountered. there just had to be a litter in there. or she must be some 13-14 months along. so i said to the women, “oh, thank God. i thought you were talking about me!” and we all had a laugh about it. (what can be drawn from this: 1) i am too darned self-conscious, 2) that poor beach ball lady! maybe she’ll at least get a reality show out of the deal)

have i mentioned that in my small department of surgical PA’s, 5 out of 20 of us are pregnant right now? so as you can imagine, it’s all we talk about. and it’s getting a little old/has gotten/continues to get old. i keep trying to change the subject, but pregnancy symptoms, expectations, plans, baby merch, etc is all that everyone wants to discuss. so finally one of the poor bastard 15 other PA’s put up a sign in one corner of the office that read “baby free zone: talking about babies will not be permitted in this area.” God bless the sane ones.

but because of all this exposure to pregnant people, i have witnessed plenty of complications and have again concluded with immense relief that i am having a wonderful, stress free pregnancy. we’ve had so many people out on bed rest (eck) or pelvic rest (no sexin’…also eck) or exercise rest (that one i can do with ease) because of bleeding issues and placenta previa, infections, etc. not fun. and those are just the tip of the iceberg. so much can go awry, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a fluke when all goes well. i thank God every day that by all accounts this little bean in me has been growing and thriving in a happy, safe environment so far. thank You, thank You, thank You.

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