Friends and Coworkers Baby Shower, Awesome Part Deux

my coworkers/good friends threw me another amazing baby shower this weekend. it was great. so much fun. the food was amazing. the games were great- the host had everyone bring a baby pic of themselves and we had to guess who was who. harder than you’d think! and then, because robb and i are weird people and have been addicted to this internet cartoon for many years and have always secretly-not-so-secretly wanted a baby dragon themed nursery…we had everyone create their own baby dragons out of scrapbooking supplies and stuff. and then i voted on the winner, which will be framed and go on the nursery wall. see below.

homemade beautiful blankets from two of my lovely girls. gorgeous! and so soft. baby’s first bath robe for those casual times…

white noise generating stuffed animals, cool tactile books, fun monster bib…

lots of good friends and good times. (not to mention many, many other gifts- so much baby merch! we’re well prepared for a fleet of babies now).

some examples of baby dragons that people made. so many awesome ones. might have to frame a few.

and the winner!!

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