Butt Update, for All Concerned Parties


i am feeling about 1000 times better. glad i dealt with it instead of waiting for it to go away in its own sweet time.

the pain enough to need vicodin and the bleeding only lasted the rest of friday. since then, i’ve been feeling almost normal. and just extremely relieved.

i love love LOVE that i work with experts who can help me deal with issues like this (and, incidentally, have helped me also in advising my friends and family over the last few years with their medical/surgical issues). what a blessing!

had a great Easter today. went to church service with my sister extraordinaire (soon to be aunt extraordinaire). then we cooked for my parents and we ate a delicious meal followed by crazy awesome costco cake (equal parts sugar and crack in the frosting). robb and my dad worked on putting shelves up in the nursery…it’s all coming together. slowly but surely. it’s going to be bad ass. and that is the goal, right? a bad ass bedroom for an infant? that’s what i thought. will post pics when we’re done.

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