Heart. Squared.

i feel like i’m sharing space now. there is definitely a complete human in there. i feel big parts rammed up against my side frequently. either head or butt takes up a lot of space now. plus, hiccups occasionally (rhythmic bounces) and still occasional little flutters. but mostly big sweeping movements and shifts from one side to the other. it’s wild and awesome.

i think i’m falling for it. not sure what “it” looks like or who “it” is. but i think i’m pretty smitten.

and, speaking of shmoopsy boopsy feelings…robb and i have been so close lately. i think it’s really flattering when someone wants to reproduce with you. plus, we have this shared goal and focus right now like none other. we’ve been so quick to forgive and make nice and so affectionate. it’s wonderful.

i know this is sort of the calm before the storm and once the bebe arrives, these glorious days of afternoon naps and cuddling watching movies and such will be severely interrupted. i guess we should enjoy it now or forever hold our peas. 🙂

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