I’m Too Sexy for…Most of My Clothes…and Even Some Burlap Sacs

i’m popping under/out/around a lot of the maternity clothes now, too. nice. 🙂

and i had a patient ask me the other day, “you must really like beer, huh?” (looking at my giant beer belly).

and i’m getting asked more and more often at work if i’m sure i wouldn’t like to wear an extra large surgical gown?


and pics…these were taken a few wks ago by my sister, for a nursing school project. check out that linea negra! quite a specimen, right?:


  1. Anonymous

    Soo soo soo cute! I love your prego belly, and I'm glad there are so many smiley faces in this post because that big ol' belly is so precious and something to be so thankful for! 🙂 Love you (and mini you)

    Auntie E

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