Moving Right Along…

wooooo!!! crazy! tomorrow, i will officially be at 37 weeks, or “full term.” meaning, that the baby can safely come anytime and will definitely come within the next 5 weeks. 40 weeks (official due date) is june 8th and the powers that be will only let me go to THE LATEST 42 weeks (complications arise any later than that…like having to push a 15# baby out with a full beard and size 10 feet…and also, seizures and shoulder dystocia).

people keep telling me “wow, you’re pregnancy has gone so fast! i can’t believe you’re done already.” really? heh.

i am having trouble sleeping not just because i’m waking up to pee every hour, getting leg cramps, and every time i shift from side to side it feels like there’s an aggrevated little person in there plummeting through space and landing on my critical organs…but ALSO now my abdominal wall feels really thin and vulnerable. like something is trying to push out forcefully out the front. this scene keeps running through my head.

so, at this point we’re just waiting. waiting. waiting. like i’m listening for my pager to go off or for the phone to ring or something. excited! scared! but more excited!

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