I Am Officially One of THOSE Patients


i thought i was in labor. i’ve been having crampy cramps for days (though irregular, yes) and today i had a ‘change in my vaginal discharge’ that seemed watery and different.

convinced. CONVINCED! that i would at THE LEAST be dilated and well on my way to active labor, i called my Ob and went in to get checked.

and….nothing. not a thing. no change. negative, negative, negative.

he didn’t care. my regular appt was tomorrow and so it was no skin off his nose to check me a day earlier. better safe than sorry. but there’s a big chunk of skin off my nose. i am getting impatient to meet this kid and to stop being pregnant.

and i feel like a crazy person. i do NOT want to be one of those idiot patients who goes in at every pang certain that she felt the baby’s hand poking out her hooha. i am not due for 2 more weeks and this is my first. i probably won’t have it for another month. and all these “cramps” i’m having are just psychosomatic wishful thinking.


but, as far as we know, baby is healthy and well and for this i am grateful.

now if you’ll excuse me, i am going to go sprint around the block and then eat some pineapple with hot sauce on it while taking a black cohosh castor oil enema.


  1. sas

    All those cramps and toning contractions ARE doing something though!Don't be discouraged you're not crazy, you're just very in tune with your body!

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