A Good Day

no need to be re-admitted. it seems increasing the feedings (=the poopings) is getting rid of his bilirubin. so far so good. will go to peds in the morning to find out if his number is still ok and if he’s gaining weight…i think his baby boobs and little hammy thighs are looking bigger, so i’m hoping he’s packing it on.

it’s 60 degrees this 2nd week of june..so requiring some bundling. what the what? and we keep laughing at how he can contort himself into all sorts of anne geddes squished up poses and seems comfortable. and yet this really shouldn’t be a surprise, i mean he was jammed in my abdomen not long ago…

speaking of my abdomen. i went from looking like i was still 6 months pregnant after i delivered to, maybe 4 months now. as the uterus keeps shrinking i’ll be able to see what kind of damage we’re looking at and what needs to be done about it. for now, i’m still eating my ice cream, but accompanying it with a salad. 🙂


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