Cutest Infestation Ever.

another good day today despite a mostly sleepless night. we had our first blow-out diaper blaster out of the house. we were running errands and had to pull over emergency-like and change everything and got thin yellow poo all over the child, the parents, the car. i wouldn’t be surprised if some got on the pavement. he’s like a poop tornado. the parking lot we besmerched is that of one of the docs i work with. i hope he has no reason to see security video of us frantically trying to scrub dung out from betwixt the baby’s toes or me flashing the world while trying to nurse out the car door. 🙂

will write more when i have a few seconds. right now there’s a screaming baby getting his diaper changed by robb, who i can hear saying things like “you know, you’re already clean and dry. that’s when you’re supposed to stop crying. i’m just saying. just a procedural note. a suggestion.” 🙂


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