Not Yet Fit for Public Consumption

well, we tried to take our first outing yesterday as HJ is 2 weeks old now and officially off house arrest.

it did not go well.

we learned that, although he’s generally a quiet baby, when he does occasionally go totally postal on us, it’s a lot less embarrassing and easier to contain in the privacy of our home than it is in a mediterranean restaurant, Buy Buy Baby, or the pick-up window at Panera. i think he was just overstimulated and i was stressed by his stress.

it was not much fun. i felt guilty all night for pushing him beyond his tiny capacity.

i also think i’m going to cut off businesses that don’t provide changing tables (balancing a screaming infant on the edge of a sink- less fun than you think) and sing the praises of those that provide awesome facilities (buy buy baby has a private nursing room with cool nightlights and comfy rocking chairs).

we got home mid-afternoon and other than the occasional forced feeding, he was out all night long. pobrecito.

all my good intentions of going shopping and to a drive-in movie and out to dinner may have to wait. today we just sort of hung out in bed all day and it was glorious. more of that.

i have the luxury of doing just that because my wonderful sister and mom have been here all week taking care of us since robb went back to work. it’s been great having a pit crew. 🙂


  1. Michelle

    I totally know what you mean! We went to Subway the other day, and Dex had a huge pee diaper..I assumed they would have a changing table!! no such luck…I thought it was mandatory or something! We had to change him in the trunk of my car. lol. Your outtings will get better…although, we still do not take Dex to restaurants..that is still off the list..he is too wild..doesn't sit still..

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