Yesterday, I Liked the Dog More

and i do realize that makes me a terrible person and the worst kind of mother.

but, really, she’s so quiet and sleeps all the time without us having to encourage it. and he’s been so shreiky. not sleeping much at all during the day (or at all, 2 nights ago) and almost inconsolable despite all our tricks. i think it’s gas, but we’re having a tough time ridding him of it and making him comfortable.

and then there’s the question of whether it’s something in my diet that’s bugging him…i’m hoping that’s a road i don’t have to go down. i have several nursing mom friends how are currently gluten, soy, wheat, corn, peanut and dairy free. i’ve been on that kind of restrictive diet before for fitness reasons and it is not easy or fun. we’ll see how he does the next few days and maybe toy with dietary changes/evaluations as necessary.

on a positive note, he had a great bath on thursday in his cool puj baby tub. and we went on one nice long walk yesterday with baby monster in the stroller not squacking the whole time, sainted dog, and my sister and me.

my mom and sister have both gone now, so i am officially on my own. i want to get used to it, since this is how we’ll be for the next month or more. and i felt fine about it until about 4 minutes after they left.

all within a few short minutes, i was nursing a crabby baby, got 3 phone calls, 2 of which dropped because i’m in my house in a large metropolitan area with lots of towers nearby and BECAUSE AT & T IS LOATHSOME, i had to rush around trying to clean up for a visitor i had forgotten was coming over, i ran out of dishwasher detergent so dishes were piling up all over the place, etc, etc…

but, alas, i think we’re gonna make it.

even if he has to sleep like this until he’s 15.

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