little wonder has had 2 great days in a row. yesterday, he was asleep or awake happy all day long and even endured a trip to the shmancy frufru mall’s apple store where i bought myself a new blogger machine! it’s a cute macbook air and i guess has all kinds of neat, super fast 3.dot6g features or whatever, but mostly it is awesome because i put a pink hard case on it and it’s small and cute.

apparently, i am that girl.

and then today, tiny heiny survived a trip to the ballpark for his first tigers baseball game (they won! he slept!) and THEN, slept merrily through my book club meeting. he didn’t contribute much, but he also didn’t drone on and on about themes and existentialism.

tonight, we’re lying low. haven’t left the bed in hours. don’t plan to. he had a big day for someone so small, his reward will be lots of sleep and scooby snacks (boobs).

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