Getting In Each Others Groove

well, we’ve made it 3 whole days by ourselves and so far, i have to say, so good. i’m figuring out his patterns and how to decipher his cries (“what’s that, henry? timmy fell in a well?” or “you crapped your pants, did you?” stuff like that.) i have nary a basis for comparison, but i suspect he’s a really good baby. there’s always a reason for his crying and then when he’s just on a roll, he can be stopped pretty quickly by swaddling, etc.

he sleeps a lot during the day and will go some 3-4 hrs at night, but not so good flat on his back. we’re working on that. his awake time is really fun as he’s alert and getting more responsive to us. i am of the totally unbiased opinion that he seems really smart. i mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s still incontinent and all, but he just seems to be taking it all in, processing.

and i’m getting braver. going out for longer periods of time. exploring the world and not nearly as terrified that he’ll explode any moment of that, if he does, i can’t rein him back in.

first trip to the libary. he was actually only grimacing here, no shrieking on that trip (holla).

made him a mii on the wii, since that is our only scale. it allowed me to put in his height of 1′ 9″ but he’s too light for his weight to be recognized by the scale, so i got on with him…his BMI is 99. 🙂 that is one short, fat baby. needless to say, the wii is recommending he slim down some.

we’re having fun with him. i’m sure he doesn’t mind at all that we dress him up like a doll all the time.

or perhaps he does.

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