Wonderful Weekend up North! Christmas in July.

we’ve been up at my parents’ cabin since thursday night and it’s been magical. weather has been beautiful (although, i am such a titty baby these days when it comes to heat. i cannot tolerate anything above 75 it seems. not sure if it’s hormones or fatness or somehow i’m still having flashbacks of hot flashes from the fever 2 yrs ago or the fertility drug or what…but bleh). and henry has been meeting lots of family members and enjoying the up northness of it all.

he is, blessedly, pretty good in the car. and so far doesn’t object too much to being passed around from relative to relative. or to us dressing him up and posing him in potentially embarrassing/ hazardous positions. like a china doll.

poor guy.

first smile and first canoe trip? more like practice for the real things.

and we did a “Christmas in July” scavenger hunt for a family gathering…

he already hates santa.

so, all in all he’s done really well. but i think we may have tuckered him out.

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